Esti hajós városnézés koktél kíséretével a Dunán/Cocktail&Cruise

Esti hajós városnézés koktél kíséretével a Dunán/Cocktail&Cruise

Cocktail&Cruise with live music


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 Explore Budapest the classiest way possible, on a magnificent river cruise, with a large glass of cocktail in your hand, watching the marvellous colours of the setting sun behind the hills of Buda reflected by the Danube! 
The 2 hour long program starts at 7pm and includes 2 large cocktails, which you may choose from a diverse cocktail menu. The boat starts from the middle of the city and it passes underneath all the 6 main bridges of Budapest, providing breath-taking views while the city slowly shifts into the night. You may enjoy the cruise from the heated or air conditioned interior of the boat, or have an unconcealed perspective from the open upper deck of the ship. Enjoy the breeze, and breathe in the city’s changing atmosphere!
In the inner deck of the boat, you will be serenaded with live music from four members of the Hungaria Folk Ensemble playing popular favourites and local classics for your amusement.
Please note, that the time of the sunset depends on the current season in Hungary.

One ticket includes 2 of the cocktails from below:

Pina Colada
Havana beach
Jamaica Sunday
Cape Cod
Sex on the beach
Blue Hawaiian
Fruit tingle
Bacardi Cola
Sea Breeze
Pedro Collin

Program starts: 19:00h-21.00h
Meeting point: Danube Palace /1051, Budapest Zrínyi street 5./
Meeting time: 18:30h




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