Invisible exhibition

Invisible exhibition

Please, choose a language that you are comfortable to speak and understand, as proper communication is absolutely necessary in the dark!

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Foreign languages on which we can offer you guidance: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portugese, Russian and Romanian.

For the foreign language guidance pre-registration is required! Please contact us via e-mail ( or phone (+36 20 771 42 36) at least one day before your arrival. We kindly ask our guests who require a guidance in a language other
than English to contact us at least two days before the planned visit to the exhibition, because only the English- speaking tour guides are here every day. Moreover, due to the popularity of the exhibition, it might happen that tours with English guidance are
not available without pre- registration!


Titkokat rejtő palota és történelmi, építésztörténeti kalandozás. Az egykorvolt patika- és lakóház a…

Létezik egy izgalmas, rejtett terület a budai Várban, a Táncsics utca 9 szám…

A „BODIES 2.0 – A bennünk rejlő univerzum” kiállítás célja, hogy részletesen bemutassa…

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